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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> if you're trying to getoet around town today, there areerea some changes you need to be youe wear of. >> gary mcgrady is her he's going give us an update upt on the weather coming up ining i just a few minutes.ines >> it's called jumping the jumnt gun. >> it's all good. gary is i still here ready to go. go. >> all right. >> now that track work that we were just talking about isbout i happening on all six lines, l northern virginia is theis the hardest hit by these closures. vienna dunn loring and west andt falls church are all closed clo for maintenance work.ror now, they will reopen tuesday morning. the maintenance work also means note orange line serviceei at all until tuesday morning.. riders say they'll take the closures if it makes metro safer. >> i'd rather the subway not catch fire so, yeah, we're yea w good with all the work they're doing. >> we usually take the vienna va fairfax station off the orange e line but we got a text alert letting us know it was time toeo change our stop glad additional maintenance workon also means delays.
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silver and blueline trainsintr will run every 20 minutes.inut >> this weekend wasn't all a police officer shot andcefficr critically wounded a shoplifting suspect sundayy morning. when the officer tried toer tri question that man, police sayma he pulled a gun.hea the officer told him to drop dro his weapon and when youou refused the officer shot glim sl a d.c. police officer isffer is recovering after beingringfter assaulted sunday afternoon.ftno this happened near 45th and 45t quarrels street northeast.noheat police tell us someonece attacked the officer then took off had in his car. c officers gave chase.hase during which this the suspect st hit two police cruisers. officers arrested the suspect ss near the third street tunnel.tun >> today is memorial day. >> today we remember the sacrifices of men who serve whos and continue to serve our country. jennifer davis is here. i h >> reporter: it is a>> rorte beautiful very quiet
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right now here in the heart of o the city as d.c. prepares forres a lot of events this memorial day to honor those who have honw lost their lives in service toh the country.the coun i'm going to step away so you s can see just how beautiful itutf is here at the world war iii memorial. memorial. quiet now but they expect aec a large crowd by 9:00 a.m.9: a that's when they will have their memorial day observance here at the world war iit memorial. that will honor the more than t 400,000 who lost their lives l during world war ii and also a pay tribute to the 16 millionmio who served, a dozen world warord ii veterans will take part inar the celebration here, present, e wreaths at the freedom l now, while they are doing thatot here over at arlingtonington national cemetery, it's 148th 1h observance of memorial dayri day there.ere. the u.s. army band will w perform at 10:30.30 there will be a wreath layingati at the tomb of the unknown uno soldier at 11:00. 100 the president will be taking part in the wreath ceremony and making a speech there.ech he that event of course is open iso to the public
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they also will be handing outut roses there. 30,000 roses will be handedan out to visitors and familiesamil of fallen troops.allen that is on top of the 130,000 10 roses that were laid at l headstones by volunteers including boy scouts yesterday. certainly that is a time is a e honored tradition there. t also today, at 2 o'clock, it o'k is the biggest memorial dayemora parade in the country. cnt hundreds of -- more than t 100,000 are expected to be down on constitution avenue when that parade begins.s. veterans will be taking part. there will be floats, high hig school marching bands, gary g sinise will be one of thee onoft celebrity guests there. lots of fun for anyone who isnei down here but also a lot oflot road closures. csu you can find those on our web ow site and you'll want to check t them out if you plan to bef yopn down in there area.e ea. back to you gs. >> jen, a memorial day weekendmd tradition took place on the on t national mall this weekend.l thd the annual rolling thunderlinghu ride for freedom captured more r attention th
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year.. >> that's because republicans presidential candidate donaldbec trump spoke to the riders.spe to we get more on this story from fox's kristen >> reporter: the rollingolling thunder riders have beende taking over thr e national mall every memorial day weekend since 1988.e 1 but this year's ride received re even more attention than usual t thanks to an appearance by they presumptive republican nominee donald trump.nald now this turned out to be a little more subdued of ann event than what we've grown accustomed to at most trump t rallies. there were no protestors, the crowd was quieter thao n usual and trump only spoke for about a 15 minutes. minut he talked about how he woulde ud rebuild the military protectroct the second amendment and take ak care of our >> our vets, most cherishedd people, thousands of people are dying waiting on linesou tot see a doctor. doc that is not going to happen to anymore. and we're going to give the give right for those people to gooplo to a private doctor or even a public doctor and get themselves taken care of ande we're going to pay the billil and that should havha
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a long time ago. a. >> taking care of our veteranser is what rolling thunder is allni about. it started as a way to raise awareness about americans abo ae prisoners of war and those a missing in action after theft t vietnam war. w today hundreds of thousands ofhs bikers made their way from the pentagon to the vietnam veterans memorial. memoria veterans lined the route.ed the. at times it feels like at els parade but the organizershe orgr don't like that word. they say it is not a parade, pad it's a demonstration and it's a designed to bring awareness awae and remind all americans of the many sacrifices that ourfico veterans make on this memorialme day weekend n washington,as kristen fisher, fox news. >> despite the rain thousands tn of people flocked to the t capitol hill for the 26 annual n memorial day concert. actors gary sinise and joe montegna hosted the event e paying tribute to those whotho made the ultimate sacrifice.acre organizers say each year thousands of viewers end inie letters and e-mails in honorin n of their loved ones who were w either wounded or killed in kile one of me
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>> ♪ >> it's 4:35. getting a check of today'sa forecast. gary mcgrady, that rain yesterday a lot much i'll say. hope things are not a washout today. >> i didn't hear what you said. >> i'm saying hopefully it's not a washout. >> no, it's not going to be to be. you took the words out of my mouth. >>
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around this morning. we did pick up about a half inch, almost a half inch of rain at national overnight with in rain but listen, here's what we've seen. this morning there's a few hours to only and most of it is off to the east of us. i can stop this and put it on right now. look at that jump. so you can see pretty dry across the entire area. tok st wo i do expect we'll have a little bit of sunshine in places especially north and west and that's going to elevate temperatures lower 80's, even some spots may make it up to a muggy middle 80's with a little bit of sunshine today. but we'll have some showers, too. and maybe a thunderstorm. more details on what's going on the next 24 hours, guys and remember no, traffic this morning. i think i saw like three cars coming in so we don't need to worry about that. >> yeah. >> all right gary. coming up on fox news story a very sad story from the nba after a player is shot and killed aftere area. f beillt ngn for a home invader. invad >> thousands forced to spendds the holiday weekend looking l for a new place to call homealom after days of flooding. floodin >> and i'm holly morrisri tracking the big stories thattoi are trending on this memorial te day. calls are growing now for the parents of a small boy who fell into a gorilla enclosurela to be charged with a crime and a an nba finals conspiracy theory. you'll never believe thehe source. >> as we led to break right now here'eds a live look across the time right now is 4:37,:3 temperature is 70 degrees.0 we're back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> time now is 4:40. that means we're checking out what is hot on the web.e'on web >> holly is here with the bigh stories you're engaging with on social media. med >> good morning to you guys.rn good morning everyone out there. th the big trender for sure is surs the terrible incident thatt that happened at the cincinnati zooni on saturday.da a 17-year-old gorilla was shotas to death after a four-year-oldro boy
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habitat. now the zoo in a statement statt said it had no choice but to buo kill the gorilla believing theie boy was in imminent this is despite some witnesseses saying though that it appearedh the gorilla was actually caring for the boy. b an online willline petition calling for the boy's parentse a to be charged now has thousands of signatures. signa nba seems to be able to see into the future for a time on sunday, its facebook pageeb listed the dates and times of ts a final series between the the t cleveland cavaliers and goldenl state warriors.state wa the trouble is the warriorsaror still have to win game sevene ve tonight in their western w conference matchup withup with oklahoma city in order to actually get to the t now, the nba says it was an error by hm. and the new movies thiss holiday weekend definitely not blockbusters.usters x-men apocalypse came inn ap first. only took in $65 million.65 mili they were expecting to makectine much more and a.m. his throughsg the looking glass you can callal it a flop. f it only had 28 million in itsn opening weekends. so, don't neeopd to
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the box office. nba fixed, we know that. t >> of course. of >> can we talk about the gorilla?gorilla? >> it's -- >> okay. >> heartbreaking on everyeakingv level. i don't understand. >> amazing is the little boy wasn't hurt.dowasn >> okay. so, this is my home zoo the the cincinnati zoo and just so youts know the gorillas are kind ofkio like the pandas are to the to national they're a big deal there. this is a silver back gorilla, it's critically endangered and it'sn' interesting this wholes whole incident they said the littlehe boy was in there like 12 to 15 t minutes and. >> and the gorilla neverilla harmed the child. >> no. and one of the people that we're watching said that, you know, you can see the gorilla being very gentle and then he kind of picks up and whisksp and the boy a way but he says it's almost as if the gorilla wasoril scared and he was gettingas gti spooked by everyone yelling around him and the zoo is zoo i saying, no, they couldn't just's do a tranquilizer because theyae felt like the gorilla was was getting agitated and the tranquilizer would take awhile h to take effect. nonetheless
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>> that's some scary stuffsome right there.righ >> i'm just saying if it happened 12 to 15 minutes andnd i'm the mom someone is holding l me back from going in myselfys after my child.hi >> definitely some questionsit need to be asked about howsto this actually happened.ap you're right about that. >> all right. >> 4:43 is the time. time. coming up on fox news morningori two deputies injured during a gas station shootout are allowed to go home. h >> what happens to serviceer machines after their service a is over.ft >> live look outside acrosscr the area. time right now 4:43, 4 70 degrees outside.utside we're back in a moment. ent. ♪ snack patrol, saving the snack world. ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa... ma'am, we can smell the bland snack all over you.
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emorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. >> ♪ >> back at 4:45 on this monday 4 morning, memorial day taking a look at the world war ii i thanking all of our serviceer members past and
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their service to this great thi nation of ours.f our >> let's get down to garygary mcgrady right now and seend what's happening in theng in weather department today. you guys were talking aboutng a you had some rain.yo >> yeah. >> i missed all of it. >> i didn't hear what youidn't o said. i'm sure it was great wisdom. wo >> okay. >> now i hear you again.ear yo >> carry on.>>ry o >> it's a memorial day world two memorial certainlyiacertainy special, super special on this t morning but to me it's always the greatest memorial to beor out there, especially at nighttn it is unbelievable.nbel temperatures out there rightur now 69 degrees, dulles 67.7. bwi marshall is 67 as well.s we have this thing called a tropical depression now.epressi it still has its name, right.tsr it was tropical storm bonnie. now it's tropical depressioneprn bonnie. it's to the south of us. to e so it's down off the border of georgia, south carolina.olina. winds are 30 miles per hourr h and it's -- it's really not real even moving. 1 miles per hour doesn'thour d
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that's like stationary.e st here's the track of it. it. it only makes it up to capeo hatteras as an area of low of pressure basically.pres it's going to continue tonu weaken. by tuesday night it's stills off shore right around caped hatteras and by thursday seersda how it's still lurking, it'surki going to be out there and it'stn going to be present most ofe the week, all right but weight b will be on the west side of itti so it doesn't look like it'sliks going to have much of ann impact on our weather. weath we're definitely going to be t b unsettled but it's not a washout today, okay. we're going to have some s showers around.aund. check out how futurecast seest this whole thing.thishole notice this morning just somet clouds. most of the rain with this associated low pressureciated system, tropical depression stays to the south and to the east of us. as we go through the t day,he d there's a few more showers andho the thinking here is that mosttt of this, certainly the the heaviest of the activity will be off to the east of o u. we're talking just somet s clouds.ou we're talking just some northwestern suburbs, we'rere going to g
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breaking through this afternoon and that will elevate temperatures up earnint the middle 80's again and a few thunderstorms could pop up late in the day farther to theeo west and to the so, again, showers possibleos today but we're not talking tali about a rainout, we're notno talking about anything too anyig terribly heavy and as we gets we into tomorrow, look whatk wha futurecast does.cast d it basically keeps us mostlyy sunny. we'll have a few showershave a o around but it's looking a lot lt better tomorrow. so, memorial day forecast. 81 degrees in the city, okay. o farther east a little cooler. co farther north and west it willet be a little bit warmer becausem the sun will come out, okay. more sunshine tomorrow, 85 degrees. d a few clouds on wednesday, 81.ny sun and clouds on thursday, 79. 79. showers and thunderstorms asan we get towards the latter part of the week and into theint t weekend. enjoy your holiday again, not a washout.a out. just don't expect a lot oft lot sunshine. maureen, wisdom, back over to oe you. >> all right, here's some here'e other things making news now. nw two deputies injured during a shooting
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texas have been released fromve the hospital. four other peoplthe remaine r hospitalized. police say a man went into anayw auto shop and just started s firing killing a customer inusto the shop. the gunman wthas killed an hourh later in a shootout with wh police. >> new orleans pelicans basketball player bryce dijon d jones was shot and killed thislt weekend. he broke down a door in a dallas apartment.rtme jones thought it was hisit w girlfriend's apartment andfr forced open the door. the man insieidrce grabbed a gua and fired. no word on if the shooter willew face charges in this.n thi in texas it is legal to shoot so home intruders. >> death toll in texasn t continues to rise from deadly flooding.floo officials found two moreals fou bodies bringing the death toll h to six. more than 16-inches of rain-ince fell in some parts of texas this past week causing week caus widespread flooding.readlood thousands of people were w evacuated from their homesuad over the weekend as safety precaution. so many american soldiers come back froanm front lines ani pass through the halls of walter reed military hospitalrer in bethesda from the psychological
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>> fox5 photojournalist doug wilks takes us behind the lensde to see the facility dogs in action. >> ♪ >> these are our dogs thatre come and see the patients on aee weekly basis. these dogs mean a lot to the patients.pati it's kind of out of the norm thm and so he a lot of -- every-- e time i went to the hospital il never saw a dog, so it was very nice and comforting andfort kind of makes you forget aboutut why you're at the hospital and i it really treats them it's a great thing for these patients. >> come here, buddy. b >> this is a high stress areasts for our patients. they can come in, they're being screened for possible
4:51 am
>> it's been four years. y they were a tremendous supportms to get me through that time. they sense that something isomhs wrong, that you need thatu need comfort and support and like she's laying right herela h against my leg, like i'm here. it's okay. >> come here, bonnie. b come here archie . >> [laughter]ughter >> yeah, he's a good boy.oo i was in a small little townn called spin bowl atkins, atkin southeastern afghanistan. i had my right hand blownand bl i got shot in both buttocks,utto both legs and then the right the leg blew out my sciatic nerve.ic the first thing i can rememberem is having arch can chi in bedhin with me and we were both taking a nap.tang >> he just picks up on it. picki he picks up on a vibe that youih have and that you, you know, you can't -- you can't explainap to others what it is but it'sut out there and
4:52 am
is. he sits down and talks, well,ale doesn't talk to me but i mean ma in his own way he does. >> when looking at the effects of therapy dogs on anxiety for r our patients we brought in the i therapy dogs and all of the allo kids were watching, playing,layi feeding or hugging the therapyra dogs and i think it made it a me lot easier for them to come into their dental screenings sce and allow us to get them to t cooperate with us. >> awww. >> yes, your your momma taught you how to do that. >> we work really hard on this flood watch it's one of the busiest floors in the hospital. some tase we just need a breakyi and this is our break.and this i you know, theys come, they give some l i give them some treats andtrts it's just -- it just kind ofkino breaks up not to say
4:53 am
motony of the day, the d, stresses of the oe we take a few minutes to pet t them and love us.em a that's all animals really likell they want to be loved and wee do a lot of that. t >> our vision was just to provide comfort and care to the family members and service r members that we were involvedold with. the unique way that these animals have to can connect to people, whether they be staffe s patients or patients' families l is truly remarkable and you and think about the way medicinee is today and holistic approachca to medicine, it's not just n about doing an operation orti giving somebody a pill oril those types of things.s. it's helping them return tour the life as close as possible as to the life that they had intheh particular with our warriors wai before they were injured. >> i always stop and see the t service dogs no matter whereatte they are at because it means a i lot to our patients. pat they
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as well. they're like our pets away from >> it kind of gives them a sense of home. >> this memorial day fox5 is is honoring military members andems veterans as well for sharing their personal stories in apeonl special presentation called beyond the lens salutingting america's military. m you can see it tonight at 5:30 on fox5. >> retired military dogs canary be expensive to care from from since many suffer from chronic o health problems.alth one program is trying to make to a difference. the realm medial k-9 program pgr helps to alleviate the cost of expensive medical bills. >> she was there doing heras t profession as an explosivexplosi detection dog and she had beenhd in the service for four yearsrs there in afghanistan.fghanist she was born and raised to doboi that. by the time she was about six as years old she was at threet th different bases over fourver
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her to retire and so our paths r crossed there in afghanistanhani and right place, right time rig you a able to adopt her bringrig her home. he >> the program is offered i through the animal health company.coy. >> 4:55 is the time. t gary mcgrady it's your time to tell to us how great thehe sweater going to be today.r at least we're hoping it's hopis going to be great. gre >> we had an awesome yesterday for most of the dayfo was not bad at all. a where are we going to beer today? e what we're going to try to do today is to keeps to k most of the rain out of here. of i don't think we'll get a tonwe of sunshine but i do believeo we'll get a little bit ofit sunshine especially westernlly e and northwesterner frederick county back out toouto those -- the corridor alongdor the i-81 -- you know, the t interstate i-81, you'll getoul some sunshine. that's going to elevate youryo temperatures just a littleerus bit. just to show you leonardtowneord visibilities down to 1 mile,il okay. i don't expect that to dropo dro off whole lot more and mostndost everybody is good. g martinsbu
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4 miles and we'll continue to watch a couple of these spotshe but again the metro -- not - that it really matters.atters there's not a lot of people of p out this morning.out thor not a lot of traffic mosqueffic but just so you know if you're f out and about especially downy n in learned town. temperature in the city 69 degrees. winchester martinsburg little l cooler lower to mid 60's. leonardtown and over on thehe eastern shore temperatures arete around 70 degrees to lowergrees 70's. we continue to watch all thisll moisture stream up. there is a tropical depressionde to the south of us, tropicals, l depression bonnie and it'sessiob going to be around for thetoe ar next several days slowlylo moving up the east coast butoast since we're on the west side of that and we're going have h high pressure kind of nudging in, we'll stay mostly try thisy week, okay., certainly won't get a lot from t tropical depression bon fleeal e and then the low pressure area a that it's going to showers today possible, yesssie, but most of us stay dry most of the day other than kind of these random showers and ara little bit of sunshine. ssh look at the northwesternth
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middle 80's again today.s againt we'll be 81 here in the more on the full forecast.or it's all coming up. happy memorial day, guys., >> all right, coming up on foxn news mornings what may have been intended as a practical pra joke leads to an explosion onsi one woman's front porch.ront por >> today maryland looks forlooks revenge against north carolinaia an chance at its first fst national lacrosse title. >> as we head to break, livewe look h that's down in ocean city, all right. everybody's probably all tiredir 'cause they all kicked it lastes weekend with that nice nice weather. weat >> and spent all their money,, money, money. m >> and spent all their money,on money, money and now they'reow t on their way back sitting in traffic. time right now is 4:57. back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> straight ahead on fox news fn morning, two people caught on camera torching a front porch.rt police need your help finding fg these suspects.usct >> police search for theol person responsible for responslf shooting a teenaged girl near the anacostia metro station. sti >> and don't cancel yourcel cookout plans just yet.ou j early morning showers expectedwe to give way to an afternoon dryout.dryo >> we'll take that.ake good morning to you. >> yeah. >> so glad you're with us this morning, i'm holly morris. mri >> and i'm maureen umeh.'m at a is monday may 30. it is memorial day 2016. >> and this memorial day marks of course the unofficial start of summer.of s gary is down there ready to giveus


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